Lack of tough law responsible for increase in Mob lynching

There is a growing concern within the civil society of India for disruptions in brotherhood notably the rise in mob lynching cases and most of the time the offenders are escaping the heinous crime. India legislated maximum number of laws and it is strange to know that there is no codified law particularly to deal mob violence or lynching.
Now voices in the society have joined together to bring a strict legislation against any such brutality. A month back some of the well wishers of the nation started a campaign called National Campaign against Mob Lynching and after studying the problem thoroughly they came forward with a draft regulation. This draft law is named as MASUKA (Manay Suraksha Kanoon). MASUKA got support from MPs and leaders of opposition parties as they sense that concrete step has to be taken to curb this crime.
In the parliament house, yesterday the opposition parties accused that the BJP and organizations linked to them is responsible for the said heinous crime. Responding to a question the BJP Minister said that there is no need to amend any existing law to specifically address such crimes.