Kona Venkat's strong reply to Katthi Mahesh

It seems that the cold war between film critic Katthi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans will not be ending anytime soon. To recall, notable scriptwriter and director Kona Venkat had earlier requested both Pawan Kalyan fans and Katthi Mahesh to stay silent until January 15, in view of calming down the heated issue.
Noting this, Katthi Mahesh had directed a tweet to Kona Venkat asking him of what he will be doing now, as the attacks on him and his family members have only intensified despite him staying quiet on request. Further, the film critic asked Kona Venkat to not support Pawan Kalyan blindly without knowing the facts.
To this, writer Kona Venkat came up with a strong reply to Katthi Mahesh. “Unfortunately, after my tweet on 7th, u continued ur debates on the same issue in few channels and also involved some student organizations in attacking PK & his fans.. Does “SILENCE” has different meaning in ur dictionary??” he wrote.
Interestingly, Mahesh’s interviews over TV Channels reached peak stages during the release of Agnyaathavaasi.