As the Kapu Joint Action Committee has been very strong in it programme of Chalo Amravati, the AP government took all necessary measures to check mate this movement as the opposition parties ie YSRCP and Congress are supporting this.
The house of Kapu Leader Mudragada Padmanabham in Kirlampudi Village has been kept under police watch and the DGP of police said that the leader will be arrested if he comes out from his house. The police are referring the incidence of violence that took place at Tuni last year, where the Ratnachal Express train was burnt by the agitators and to prevent reoccurrence, a company of Rapid Action Force has been patrolling the Kirlampudi Village.
Some organization connected with this movement have given call to blockade the police stations and responding to this the police authorities said that all precautions are taken to safeguard the police stations and gave warning to people not to participate in the padayatra as the same is not permitted.
To avoid any law and order problem in Amaravati (Interim Government complex) the area has been cordoned and heavey force is deployed right from the Prakasam Barrage to the Secretariat Complex.