Kerala Governor: Legislative proposal against citizenship law is unconstitutional

In Kerala, the Pinarayi Vijayan-led government has recently passed a resolution demanding the repeal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) from the state assembly. They also say that this law will not apply in Kerala. State Governor Arif Mohammad Khan says that it has no legal basis.

Governor Arif Mohammed said about the proposal, ‘There is no legal or constitutional basis for this proposal because the Citizenship Amendment Act is completely central. It has no meaning in ashal. ‘ While presenting the proposal, Vijayan had said that the CAA is against secular attitudes and the fabric of the country and there would be discrimination on the basis of religion in granting citizenship.

The Chief Minister of Kerala in the assembly had said, ‘Kerala has a long history of secularism, Greeks, Romans, Arabs. Everyone has reached our land. Christians and Muslims initially reached Kerala. Our tradition is inclusiveness. Our Legislative Assembly needs to keep this tradition alive. ‘ Vijayan also assured the assembly that no detention center would be opened in this southern state.

DMK supported Kerala, said to emulate government

The proposal to abolish the Citizenship Amendment Act in the Kerala Legislative Assembly has been supported by the opposition DMK of Tamil Nadu. The DMK on Tuesday told the ruling AIADMK that the Tamil Nadu government should emulate Kerala and take similar steps in the Tamil Nadu Legislature against the controversial law to protect the Constitution.

DMK President MK Stalin said that Kerala’s move was welcome. The DMK chief said in a Facebook post, the people of this country wish that every state assembly should adopt such a resolution to protect the basic features of the constitution.