'Keep Dreaming About Billion Pounds'

Most wanted in India Businessman Vijay Mallya for Kingfisher Airlines’ default on loans worth nearly Rs 9,000 crores, is currently on bail in UK. He was granted bail by the UK court until December 4, 2017. His lawyers told the court that they dont have enough evidence from Indian authorities.
After the bail, Vijay Mallya met the media and told “You can keep dreaming about the million pounds provided you have facts to justify your question. You don’t know the facts so don’t ask irrelevant questions”.
He also said there is no enough evidence to prove his wrong doings in any financial transactions.
During last week’s match between India vs South Africa at The Oval, Mallya was trolled by cricket fans with the chants of “chor, chor” as he arrived to watch the match in London. He said that they were some drunk people in the audience who said that, but most people greeted him. He said that there is no evidence to prove that he is a chor.