KCR and CBN To Meet At Amaravati During Dusshera

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao shall visit Durga temple in Vijayawada to present 75 lakh worth of nose stud jewellery to Goddess Durga since the divinity privileged him in accomplishing the separate Telangana.
The date fixed for visit is September 27, 2017, that happens to be an auspicious occasion in Dusshera and at the same time, it is also made opportune to meet the CM of AP Mr. Naidu to discuss various issues besides distribution of properties as mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act.
The official source indicates that the two CM shall meet at Chandrababu official residence and review will take place on the said issues besides the ongoing altercation going on between AP and Telangana Electric Energy sector over problem pertaining to an outstanding amount more than 3000 crores.
Hitherto, the officials of Telangana held consultations with AP counterparts on the issues likely to be discussed between two CMs.
The members of the Ministerial Level Committee Mr. T. Harsh Rao and Jagdish Reddy shall attend the meeting and talk about the issues.