Katthi Mahesh does it once again!

Before anyone could forget the havoc that film critic Katthi Mahesh has created by commenting on Pawan Kalyan’s film and political life, the bold criticiser has once again surfaced the media with fresh allegations on Powerstar.
Katthi Mahesh went on to say that the Janasena Chief, who had been busy touring Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the last couple of days, had no knowledge about various issues and comes out in search of public only when he had some off-time from shootings. He criticised that Pawan is ‘Agnaanavaasi’ (knowledge less) and not Agnyaathavaasi.
Further, Katthi questioned Pawan’s double stands with respect to the Kapu reservation. “He says that he does not support caste. Then why did he favor Kapu reservation?. Whether he agrees or not, Janasena had a tag of Kapus party and we all know that Kapus are in favor of Janasena and Pawan Kalyan. If he is so clean he must answer on why he is supporting the Kapus reservation when he himself is not in favor of caste system”, Mahesh questioned.
Also, the film critic challenged the Janasena chief to first question his brother Chiranjeevi on his betrayal to the public and his party men and then think of the government. “I believe that Janasena is run by goons. If I talk openly, I will be confronted by his fans and the activists of Janasena. If he is really honest, he must question his brother first and then come out to the public. Why did Chiranjeevi betray people and his party men with Prajarajyam party?”