Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: Siddaramaaya vs Yeddyurappa vs Kumaraswamy

The dates for Karnataka assembly elections were announced on Tuesday. Polling for 224 seats in the state will be held on May 12 in a phase. The results will be on announced on May 15.  The current Congress  CM Siddaramaiah has contested twice against BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa. As we all know, BJP  announced Yeddyurappa as its CM candidate in May last year. The Congress government has given the minority status to the Lingayats of 17% of the population. At the same time, through the Amit Shah is meeting with the Lingayat religious leaders.
CM Candidates:
– 69 years old Siddaramaiah is the current Chief Minister. Under his leadership, Congress last won 122 seats defeating BJP. He has tried to create an image for the last few years as a leader who opposes the BJP’s Hindi and Hindu slogan. In his speeches he has been talking about Kannada and South Indian Asmita. Siddaramaaya is from Kuruba community. They have an 8% share in the total population. They have played cards to give Lingayats minority status to prevent the BJP.
 75-year-old Yeddyurappa is Lingayat leader. There are 17% Lingayat Voters in the state. In 2008, he won the BJP on his own. After the allegation of corruption, he had to quit  as chief minister in 2011. Angry in this, Yeddyurappa left the BJP in 2012 and formed the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP). The BJP lost the election in 2013 after being separated from her party. He got only 40 seats. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Modi brought them back to BJP. In this election, BJP got 17 of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in the state.
Election process in Karnataka will start on April 17
Total seats: 224
Majority: 113
Voter: 4.90 Cr

Date Election schedule
17 April Notification will be issued.
April 24 Last date for filing nomination.
April 25 Separation of nominations
April 27 The last date to withdraw the name.
May 12 vote
May 15 Outcome

2013 assembly elections: Congress created by Yeddyurappa BJP quit

party Seat Vote share
Congress 122 36.6%
Jds 40 20.2%
B J P 40 19.9%
other 22 23.3%

2014 Lok Sabha elections: 17 of the 28 seats BJP got in Modi wave

party Seat Vote share
B J P 17 43.4%
Congress 9 41.2%
Jds 2 11.1%

Karnataka became the 14th Chief Minister of Vokkaliga and Lingayat community
50% of the legislators and MPs have been coming from these two communities till now.
Of the 224 existing MLAs, 55 are from Vokkaliga and 52 belong to Lingayat community.
Lingayat in 100 seats and Vokkaliga Community impact on 80 seats.
14 Chief Ministers (8 Lingayat and 6 Vokkaligas) are from both communities in the state.
The Dalit population in the state is highest
Dalit: 19%
Muslim: 16%
OBC: 16%
Lingayat: 17%
Voccilliga: 11%
Other: 21%
450 Voting Centers command women
– The code of conduct has come into force with immediate effect in Karnataka. Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat said in a press conference on Tuesday that 56 thousand 696 booths will be constructed in Karnataka. In 2013, 52 thousand 34 booths were made. This is 9% more than the last assembly elections. There will be separate arrangements for the polling booths for the Divisions.
– More than 450 booths will be commanded by women. VVPAT will also be used with EVM. Special arrangements will be made for booths for women and women.
Three big issues
1) Lingayat: The Congress government has enacted the legislation to grant Lingayat community status to minority religion. The proposal has been sent to the Central Government. So far, the State Government has not received any response from the Center. Therefore, Siddaramaiah is making Lingayats an election issue in the state. BJP alleges that it is an attempt to stop Yeddyurappa from becoming chief minister. Yeddyurappa comes from the Lingayat community.
2) Hindutva: BJP’s allegation against Siddharamaiah is anti-Hindu, in the last five years 24 union activists were killed in the state. Both Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah are going to the temples and monasteries of Lingayat and Dalits here.
3) Corruption: In the last week of February, Narendra Modi, who came to the state tour, had called the Siddaramaiah government a ‘direct rupee government’. He said that there is no work, money goes on here. At the same time, the Congress is blaming the BJP’s previous Yeddyurappa government for being corrupt.
Three big faces
1) Narendra Modi –
BJP expects Modi wave then. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 17 of the 28 seats in the state. The vote share was 42.4%.
2) Rahul Gandhi
– This is his fourth assembly election after becoming party president. Earlier, he had campaigning in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya. However, the Congress could not save the Congress in Meghalaya. In the other two states, the government was unable to form.
3) Amit Shah
– In the state, the BJP does not want to leave any stone unturned. He has prepared a team of 55 people, including 16 Union Ministers, 24 MPs. It has to report till the end of March. Shah has given 16 central ministers four-four assembly seats. He himself has reached the state tour for the second time in a month.