Kangna Ranaut denies to support Padmavati

MUMBAI: We are already aware of the controversy surrounding Deepika Padukone’s upcoming film ‘Padmavati’. The fight between the movie unit and the so-called organizations had become so intense that a few of them had even warned of killing the Padmavati Cast, in public.
In view of this, the producers of Padmavati have decided to file a petition in the Supreme Court seeking protection for the entire Cast. The movie unit also thought of taking the support of top Bollywood actors and actresses in this regard and accordingly approached them to sign the petition in their favor.
And the big news is Kangna Ranaut, considered as one of the controversial actresses in the recent time has turned down the request openly when the Padmavati unit approached her for help. Though the reason behind this is not yet known, it is understandable that Kangna is critical about the same thing happening to her during the email controversy with Hrithik Roshan. Not to mention, no one from Bollywood stood in favor of Kangna Ranaut during the entire controversy, a couple of months ago.
So, it is clear that Kangna has decided to stay back from involving in the ‘Padmavati’ controversy, in view of her past. But, will the Bollywood celebrities digest this easily?