JSP is targeting to enrol more members

The JSP party is focussing on the seven principles of the party announced by  President Pawan Kalyan , those principles are striving for unity among castes, not indulging in politics on the basis of religion, respecting languages, protecting cultures, working for nationalism, fighting against corruption and atrocities, and protecting environment.
In the party meeting held yesterday , the General Secretary , addressing the co-ordinators of different wings to strengthen the party from booth level and see that maximum number of people join as members of the party .
The party is making all possible efforts to achieve positive results in the coming general elections. In 2014 elections even though  the party did not participate in elections but it supported the NDA.This support has definitely helped the TDP to come to power in AP as an ally of NDA. Now, we  have to see how the party work during forthcoming election.