Jana Sena Party had no agenda and no leaders: Roja

The MLA of YSRCP party Mrs. R.K Roja blamed the Jana Sena party that it is not exposing the failures of Chandrababu Naidu government. The party was silence on failure like stampede death at Pushkaram, boat tragedy, road rage of sand mafia, etc.
She also accused that Mr. Naidu’s that his family members are alleged involvement in hiding of the smuggled red sanders. Speaking of the hereditary politics comments and she asked Mr. Pawan to explain why Mr. Naidu inducted his son into the cabinet.
Ms. Roja said that Pawan Kalyan is a politically ignorant and acting like a Puppet of the ruling party. He has no definite agenda and his party has no leaders.
She said that wrongfully a bad tag is attached to her and she is called as an iron leg.In those days she canvassed for TDP and the party won the election. She is a successful mother, a successful actress, and MLA and why should anybody call her Iron Leg.