Jaleel Khan To Win 2019 Elections By 30,000 Votes Majority

Vijayawada:  It is a well-known fact in Vijayawada that  west MLA, Jaleel Khan has been very active and received very good response from Intintiki Telugu Desam programme. He has worked hard since the launch of the programme and received good grades for his performance from Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.
During a meeting in Vijayawada west constituency as a part of Intintiki Telugu Desam programme, AP Police Housing Corporation chairmanShaik Nagul Meera outlined the progress made by TDP in the state in the last three years.  While speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nagul Meera reminded public that Jaleel Khan, while in Congress, won the election beating him by 3000 votes back in 1999, similarly Jaleel Khan won the 2014 election beating his nearest rival and BJP candidate, Vellampalli Srinivas, also by 3000 votes. He said that by looking at the progress and development activities in west constituency, Jaleel Khan will win the next elections by 30,000 votes or ten times the previous majority. MLC Buddha Venkanna and other leaders were present in the meeting.
It is reported that Jaleel Khan, who shifted loyalties from YSRCP, has performed very well. It is noticed by many political watchers that Mr. Khan is available to public and instead of sitting in the AC rooms, he is out in the pubic everyday and working hard for the welfare. Vijayawada west constituency has seen many direct and indirect development activities since he moved to TDP.
So it may not be a surprise if Jaleel Khan wins by 30,000 majority!