Vijayawada West MLA and senior politician, Jaleel Khan is a very well known face in AP minorities. Controversies aside, he is a prominent politician and a famous muslim leader. Mr. Khan was among the most expected to get cabinet birth during the recent shuffle. But things did not workout as expected for him. AP Chief Minister, without further ado, has nominated Jaleel Khan as AP Waqf Board Chairman. This is a very prominent position in muslim minorities.
AP Waqf Board is a statutory body constituted by the Government of AP. Several mosques, waqf properties, orphanages, burial grounds etc, are registered with the board. The functions of the AP Waqf Board are to provide general administration of all Wakf institutions and its properties in the state, and to exercise powers under the Wakf Act so as the properties are properly maintained, controlled and the income thereof, is duly applied to the objects for which such Wakfs are created or intended.