Jaipal Reddy: The Man Behind Revanth Reddy Joining Congress Party

HYDERABAD: It is rumored that Revanth Reddy’s sudden entry into the Congress party shocked both the Telugu Desam and Congress leaders alike. It means that even the top leaders of the Congress party were not aware of the fact that Revanth Reddy is keen on joining the party until TDP leaders created a furor of Mr. Reddy’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi. All this couldn’t have happened without someone’s support and who is that one, who supported Revanth Reddy’s inclusion from inside?
A deeper analysis reveals that it could be none other than senior Congress leader Jaipal Reddy! The Veteran leader had a very good relationship with the Gandhi family and in fact, enjoys the trust of Congress top leaders Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel. Also, Geetha Reddy, wife of Revanth Reddy is none other than the daughter of Jaipal Reddy’s own brother. Thus, Jaipal Reddy is also relative to Revanth Reddy.
Though the two leaders share a relation, in reality, their vision and working styles are totally unique. But, for Revanth Reddy there was no second choice than to join the Congress party with TDP trying to forge an alliance with TRS. This lead to Revanth meeting Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi under the direction of Jaipal Reddy, who made the meeting happen.
However, Jaipal Reddy denied the allegations and maintained that he was not aware of the developments until the official announcement from the Congress party. Jaipal also served as the Union minister during the UPA government regime.