Iran attacks US army bases – intentionally missed areas with Americans

Tensions between the two countries have been at their peak since the death of Iran’s Major General Qasim Sulemani in a US drone strike.

As Iran fired a number of missiles aimed at the bases in retaliation, US officials have said there were no casualties. It is believed that Iran has intentionally missed the spots with American population and, instead choose to send a message.

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamnai said that the attack was successful and last night we have slapped America’s pride. Describing the killing of General Qasim Suleimani as a martyr, he said that Iran can never forget his contribution.

Iran fired 22 missiles at US military bases in Iraq on Wednesday morning. Iran has claimed that 17 of its missiles targeted the US’s Ain al-Assad airbase. Iran has claimed that 80 US soldiers have been killed in this attack. On the other hand, the Iranian claim has been denied by the US. US President Donald has said that no American military casualties have occurred in these attacks.