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Organic Goodness at Wholesale Prices Top brand organic and sustainably sourced groceries delivered to your door at up to 40% off grocery store prices.

One of kind, an online retail store offering wholesale price – has opened to the public on October 1, 2021.

Organic Pantry is based out of Marlborough, MA with a physical presence in Westborough MA. It is started by moms – Safeena Khatoon and Jyothir Mayee, who switched to ‘Organic only’ to reduce the pesticide content. exists because we want to make a difference. We believve there is a more responsible way to enjoy the world. Almost everything we eat today is polluted with chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins. While healthy, clean food choices exist, they are often priced out of reach for the average consumer. This means that only a few people can afford to eat well.

At Organic Pantry, we are motivated by the simple idea that ALL people should be able to access pure, organic food. That’s why we offer a wide selection of high-quality organic foods from the world’s most trusted brands, all at up to 40 percent less than regular grocery store prices.

Through our online organic grocery store, you can choose your favorite discounted organic products and then have them shipped directly to your doorstep anywhere in the United States. 

Healthy people, healthy planet

Protect what we love. The agricultural practices behind the production of conventional food brands have taken a massive toll on our world’s ecosystems, affecting climate change, biodiversity, human health, and much more. At Organic Pantry, we believe organic farming results in healthier soil, healthier air, healthier waterways, and healthier people.

Ethical sourcing

Every product we stock in our store is responsibly sourced directly from organic farms and ethical middlemen who can help us negotiate fair prices. This allows us to sell the world’s top organic brands at significant discounts.

Quality for less

Our goal is to provide you with premium quality organic foods to stock your pantry without paying top dollar for the products you love. We’re committed to doing everything we can to offer quality at a value as a way to broaden access to wholesome organic foods. We don’t have a retail outlet to maintain. so we transfer those dollars back to the customers. 

You deserve the best

Your grocery budget shouldn’t limit your ability to access pure foods, plain and simple! At Organic Pantry, you can enjoy the many benefits of nourishing organic foods while doing what’s right for yourself, your family, and your world.

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