Indian IT Manager Jailed For Molestation In Singapore

A 46-year-old Indian IT manager, Rajagopala Soundararaja Panneer Selvan, has been sentenced to jail after he admitted to molesting the 28-year-old woman in MRT train in Singapore.
Selvan while travelling on the East-West Line repeatedly pressed himself against the buttocks of a women in a crowded train. Initially, the victim assumed that it was an accident but after repeated touches by the same person, she confirmed that it was mischief. As Selvan continued to follow her and the victim alerted the police. Police tracked him down and arrested him.
Selvan’s lawyer, Ravinderpal Singh said that his client realized mistake that caused emotional and psychological damage to the victim. He said that Mr. Selvan has sleep disorders and stress at work resulted in such behavior. He is currently sentenced for least six weeks in jail.