Indian Troops Foil China's Incursion Bid In Ladakh

In the latest surprise developments, border tensions between India and China escalated as troops of the two sides clashed in Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian soldiers formed a human chain when Chinese soldiers made repeated attempts to enter Indian side and this situation prevailed along banks of Pangong Lake in Ladhak. Thus the attempt of the Chinese to enter the Indian Territory has been stopped.
However, there was a rumpus in that place and minor injuries were reported on either side as the Chinese soldiers were carrying stones and iron rods. The disturbed environment was brought under check following the banner drill and both the sides went back to their respective places.
When the Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked to comment, they said that they are not aware of this. Further, added that they are committed to peace and shall respect the LAC.
Since, the trouble started in Doklam area, both have been accusing each other of intrusion into each other’s territories, but encounter are uncommon.
As per the news reports, that both sides were involved in pelting stones and fist fighting which injured several soldiers. This is the first such incident reported in several years.
This incident in the backdrop of the standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in Doklam area in the Sikkim sector is worry-some for India.
As per the news reports, around 50 Chinese army trucks were spotted parked side of the Pangong Tso Lake. Later the trunk retreated easing the tension.