Rahul Attack Modi Government For Serving Interest Of Few Corporates

DWARKA: SEPTEMBER 26, 2017, India News
The term of present Assembly in Gujarat will be completed by Januarys 2018 and the election is likely to take place in the month of December 2017.
The sitting BJP Government is in power since October 2001. The Congress is the principal opposition party besides that parties like AAP and Janata Dal will also be in the election fray. Mr. Hardik Patel, the Patidar agitation leader, wished Rahul Gandhi on Twitter and It will be interesting to watch his role in this election.
Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-President began his party’s three days campaigns in Gujarat, riding a bullock cart commencing with prayer at Dwarakdish Temple.
Interacting with the people Mr. Gandhi criticized the BJP Government and said that it is only serving a handful of corporate at the cost of farmers, small businessmen, traders and poor. Further, he said that Mr. Modi promised two crore jobs in his election manifesto but utterly failed to provide the jobs.
The campaign of the Congress leader was mostly in the nature of interaction with the people and in his talk said that the incumbent Government has written off Rs 1.30 lakh crores of loans to corporate people and did nothing for the small farmers.