Government To Introduce Consumer Protection Bill

New Delhi, October 28, 2017: The Government of India is all set to introduce the ‘Consumer Protection bill’ in the parliament and is hopeful of passing the same during the winter session. The bill if becomes a law will now safeguard the interests of the consumers by making it punishable for e-commerce merchants sharing the consumer’s private data to third parties on a profit.
The government’s new law comes at a time where the number of complaints about the privacy of consumer’s data kept increasing every day at the Consumer courts. According to the NCDRC (National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission), it has been receiving hundreds of complaints on e-commerce websites sharing their personal details with third parties on a daily basis.
“If you observe, India is one of the nations which is fast adapting to digitalization more than any other country. Further, post demonetization the number of citizens using the digital platform for shopping and banking has increased by at least 27% when compared to 2016. At the same time, the e-commerce websites which you shop with will tend to have all your personal details right from your phone number to your Bank account number. There are complaints that these details have been compromised, with the e-commerce sites selling them to some private entities for profits, which in turn use them especially for marketing purpose”, said an official who does not want to be named.
The Consumer Protection Bill will now protect the consumers from loss of private data through a special complaint redressal mechanism called the ‘Central Consumer Protection Authority’. The organization will look after the complaints received and penalize the companies which found to be violating the norms.
Speaking to the media, Ram Vilas Paswan, the Minister for Union Consumer Affairs said “We have noted the areas of concern when it comes to protecting the interests of consumers. Almost every developing country has been working on this issue of protecting the consumer’s data and India will not take a step back. We are hopeful of passing the bill during the winter season”.