India-China Standoff Vastly Exaggerated By Indian TV channels?

The members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the External Affairs of India had lengthy meeting session discussing the issues pertaining to India-China relations. In the said meeting the Congress MP and Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi questioned the authorities that a mechanism has been developed, putting lot of efforts, over a very long period of time to maintain good relations with China and it seems the present Government has collapsed it.
Replying to supra, The Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr.Jaishanker assured the MPs attending the meeting that the Indian Diplomats are on the job and they are following the way shown by successive governments and trying to resolve the India-China ties in the wake of the standoff in Doklam. He stated that unnecessarily the Indian TV channels are projecting the Vastly Exaggerated version of India China standoff.
Recently, the J&K Chief Minister had accused the China for supporting trouble in the Kashmir valley taking a cue from it the M P of state of west Bengal also raised a point that the China may be having link with the present burning problem in Darjeeling .The Secretary responded saying that the issue will be taken to notice appropriate authority.