ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Finals: Fakhar Zaman’s Skills Will be Tested

Pakistan will be facing the Indian cricket team in the finals of ICC Champions Trophy 2017. This is the first time the Pakistan team has made it to the finals. Every member of the Pakistan team is getting ready for the finals and among the people whose skills are to be tested in the finals is Fakhar Zaman. Pakistan has long awaited for an opening batsman as powerful as Zaman.
Zaman who is a left handed batsman has bettered his batting skills with every match he has played. His international career has been quite good and Zaman seems to be the ray of hope for Pakistan in this finals. However nothing can be predicted for the match to be held on Sunday.
Zaman is not the player who depends on trigger movements or goes behind the line of the ball. His deliveries are played head straight. He and his bat don’t spare the bowlers who play width with him. Zaman’s skills will be tested in the final match that will be played between Pakistan and India on Sunday. The game will be quite interested when the two nations battle for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.