Tollywood News: Senior hero Rajasekhar, who got a much-needed breakthrough with Garudavega revealed that he himself is a Handicapped person before rising to success. The actor spoke honestly on various things, ranging from his senseless comments on Chiranjeevi and the wrong decisions he made which landed his career into trouble, in an interview to a TV channel.
During the interview, Rajasekhar, also a professional doctor in real life said that even he was handicapped in life but rose to success through dedication and hard work. “Disabilities are not the things to worry about. If you ask me, I was not even able to pronounce my Dad’s name when I was in school. People made fun of my stammering. But, this did not stop me from becoming what I am today”, Rajasekhar explained.
“Now, I have done my medicine and sat before you as a successful doctor and an actor. Our focus should be towards our goals and not on the disabilities that we are born with, which are always not in our control”, the veteran actor added. Further, Rajasekhar assured that he will continue to work for the welfare of the handicapped till his last breath.