High Demand for Organic Crop Industry in AP

Great opportunities for organic crops and food processing industry in AP state.
The state has five agro-climatic zones  which are gifted with plenty  of high quality agro- raw material.The state has offered strong support to agro processing industries and to encourage the same the exhibition called Udyana-2018 has been organised.
It is expected that approximately 150 exhibitors from all over the country would present organic fruits, plantation crops, vegetables, tuber crops, medicinal and aromatic plants, flowers, spices, mushrooms and various apparatus used in the horticulture segment.
It has been announced by the Minister for Agriculture that the gross value addition to  horticulture crop products through processing is around 42 crores which indicate an growth rate 17 percent.  
The ‘Udyana-2018’, an exhibition-cum-regional conference on the theme ‘Enhancing farmers’ income through organic marketing’ is being held at V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College here from 23  August.
This event will help the agri-business in the organic space besides farmers producers  and related industrialist who want to establish in this line afresh.