Gujarat Elections: Eye Opener for BJP

As the stage is set for the second and final phase of elections in Gujarat, a question has raised in every one’s mind. When BJP was able to clean sweep UP elections earlier this year, why is it desperately fighthing sobhard in its strong hold of Gujarat. It is noteworthy to that both PM Modi and Amit Shah hail from Gujarat. Is it anti incumbency against state government or people realized that BJP is really a ‘suit boot ki sarkar’?
Well media has painted many pictures and confused answers are floating out there. We have seen several factors including the Patel community appraisal which may have an impact to the ruling party. The newly appointed Congress President, Rahul Gandhi also tried to cash in many factors such as Demonitization, slow economic growth and GST. BJP reacted very sharply by invoking Pakistan issue and polarize the election.
Modi factor has been the key for many elections so far but this may be a signal that PM Modi’s popularity is dwindling.
All speculations and media stories aside, various pre election surveys suggested that BJP will dominate the vote. December 18 is the date when the million dollar question will be answered and eye opener for BJP, if things don’t go their way.