Gujarat Development Model is Grand Success: Amith Shah

Oct 03, 2017
The assembly elections for Gujarat State will be held in the first week of December 2017 as revealed by the BJP party Chief Mr. Amith Shah during his election campaign. Mr. Shah was furious on Mr. Rahul Gandhi for the comments he passed on the Gujarat Model of Development and said that the Congress Voice president is like blind person and could not see the real development that has taken place in Gujarat during 15 years of BJP rule.    Further Mr. Sha elaborated the development activities to the public gathering and said that the Modi government granted AIIMS for Gujarat, an international airport for Rajkot, made necessary constructions to increase the altitude of the Narmada dam and made allotment of homes to six lakh urban poor.
He also gave comparative details on achievements made by present BJP state government of Gujarat in education, Agricultural Production, Power Generation, Road network besides renovation of the Police administration
In the election campaign he also raised issue of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origins and advised Mr. Rahul to do some hard work in the home land to win elections and also commented on his frequent foreign vacations.
Patel community During the public meeting about five persons in the crowd attempted to shout slogans in support of the claim for reservation for the politically powerful Patel community in government posts and educational establishments but were sweeped away by police. Last week Mr. Gandhi had toured the state particularly in the patidar dominated region. Of late there is discontent in  presidential the style of the functioning of Prime Minister , Mr. Modi and it may have impact on the minds of people during  elections.
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