Govt asks army to build three bridges in Mumbai; Citizens not happy

MUMBAI: It took the Indian government almost one month to conclude that the lack of foot-over bridges in Elphinstone road and Parel stations as the main factor that lead to a deadly stampede on September 29 in Mumbai. After being late in acknowledging an already known fact, the Central government has now approached the Indian army to build the foot-over bridges as quickly as possible. Thereby, irking the already angry Mumbai citizens.
It is learned that the Central government wants to rope in the Indian army so that it can finish off the construction of the bridges in a quick time. However, this has not gone well with the India citizens, who always show great love for their true heroes …. the Indian soldiers!
Several netizens showed their anguish on social networking platform Twitter alleging that the government is not even in a state to construct a foot-over bridge without taking the help of the Indian army, whose duty is to safeguard the Indian borders. Some of them even pointed out the corrupt officials as a reason for the Central government to choose the Indian army.
The move was even criticized by Punjab Chief Minister Captain. Amarinder Singh, a former Army officer. “The duty of Indian army is to train for war. It should only be called in for civilian matters as the last resort. I wonder if this would stop here or you would even call the Indian army to fill potholes in the future?” he quizzed.
This is not the first time that the Indian government took the help of the army for civilian jobs. It is the Indian army which has re-built a collapsed bridge during the Common Wealth Games in a record time, thus, saving the pride of the nation. But, this has moved further down and now the army is used to even keep an eye on people throwing garbage into the River Ganga.
Speaking on the controversy, Rahul Gandhi said, “During the UPA regime, the Indian army was called up only in the cases of emergency. Through this move, the government is actually accepting that it cannot complete the work on time under its corrupt governance”.