Government should stay away from current Judicial Crisis: Prime Minister Modi

NEW DELHI: Responding for the first time on the turmoil in the apex court, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his interview to ‘Times Now’ said that the government should not intervene in issues related to the Judiciary.
“It is something related to the Judicial system and the government has nothing to do with it. Our Judiciary has a bright history and it is full of very capable personalities. I am very sure that they will soon come out with a solution”, the Prime Minister said.
When asked about the opposition blaming the NDA government for the same, the Prime Minister said that it not unnatural for the Congress to blame the NDA government for every issue. “They blame us for the failure of the law and order in the States which were governed by their very own party and now they want to drag us even into this. It is their unethical political agenda that gave us half the success in 2014 elections. The issues related to Judiciary should not be dragged into politics. Even the opposition parties must stay away from it”, the Prime Minister opined. On the other hand, the Congress continued its criticism on the BJP terming the Prime Minister’s statements against them as utterly false.