Gautham Reddy Suspended From YCP: May Sail With BJP

Vijayawada Political temperatures started soaring after Gautham Reddy’s interview over a popular channel. In the interview, Gautam Reddy expressed displeasure over YS Jagan strategy in Central Vijayawada. Reddy also vocalised his stand on the killing of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga, father of his YSRCP counterpart Vengaveeti Radha Krishna. Mohana Ranga was murdered in 1988 due to a political turmoil, and a series of gang warfare resulting from the alleged murder of Communist Party of India secretary for Vijayawada, Chalasani Venkata Ratnam.
After the interview was aired, Vangaveeti Radha Krishna and his mother Ratna Kumari were arrested as they staged protest against the media channel, and were later released.
Kapu Movement:
Gautham Reddy also expressed his displeasure over ongoing Kapu movement. This has created a flutter among the Kapu leaders in Andhra Pradesh and many expressed anguish. The Kapus of Andhra Pradesh state launched an agitation in 2016, demanding the OBC status which led to violent protests. The Indian National Congress Party and the YSR Congress party have supported their demand while ruling TDP has sent mixed signals.
Meanwhile, YSR Congress Party has suspended Gautham Reddy and issued the show-cause notice to Gautham Reddy. YSR Congress distanced itself from the issue and said that Gautham Reddy’s remarks were his personal opinion and the party does not endorse any of it.
Malladi Vishnu’S Intake:
With the intake of Vijayawada city Congress president and former MLA Malladi Vishnu, into YSRCP, Gautham Reddy lost his prominence in the central Vijayawada constituency. It is rumoured that Gautham Reddy may sail with BJP as it is reported that he had multiple meetings with BJP state president recently.