Financial Constraints for Telangana`s aspiring projects

The newly formed Telangana state made a good beginning in the year 2014 with surplus balance of 2500 crores. Telangana went extravagant on its capital expenditure in the last three years with a purpose to realize   ‘Bangaru Telangana’ dream.
Then the State started borrowing to fulfill promises to bring one crore acres under cultivation, drinking water supply to every household under Mission Bhagirathi, revival of tanks under Mission Kakatiya, two bed room houses for the poor, massive expansion of road infrastructure, etc
The ‘rich’ State has clearly bitten more than what it can chew. In the current year 2017, State is literally struggling to cope with payment of bills for scores of projects sanctioned in key sectors
Where sensible allocation of budget is made , for example  allocation  of  12,000 crore for R&B projects and 10,000 crore for Panchayat Raj     given in first year,  shown  good  the results  this lead to improved roads.
Hope the CM Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao with his extra ordinary political maneuverable skill realizes the Bangaru Telangana.