‘Fat Boy’ to be launched on 5th June

At Sriharikota AP standing tall on the rocket port is the country’s latest rocket. This is the heavy lift rocket has ability to position 8 tonne in a low Earth orbit. It is adequate to carry India’s crew module. It would give ISRO capacity to send humans into space. At present, only three countries—US, Russia and China—have the capability of launching manned missions.
It is the heaviest rocket, so it is called as at boy.  It is capable of carrying the heaviest satellites. It is India’s largest cryogenic engine. The ISRO scientist spend 15 long years to master the technology of this engine.
Mr. Kiran Kumar, ISRO chairman, said that the key priority is to meet the national demand of providing more number of satellites into orbits in the field of communication, remote sensing and navigation. Therefore, the focus is on increasing launch capacities both in lower and geostationary orbits and to make launches cost-effective.