Electricity Charges Will be Reduced AP Chief Minister Naidu

In a public meeting organized on the occasion of the launch of the ‘Eruvaka Punnami’ Chief Minister N. ChandraBabu Naidu said that electricity will become cheaper in the future. Eruvaka Poornima is a special festival celebrated by farmers and agriculturists on the full moon day. On this day farmers worship the yoke, the plough and the bulls with turmeric and kumkum. They wash the cattle, smear and decorate the hooves and horns with oil and a variety of colours and feed them with specially made food item called pulagam (rice, green gram dal and sesame cooked together). As the legend It is believed that even little showers happened on this day, that year would be a wonderful year for farmers.
All the people enjoy and colorfully decorated of this day.Eruvaka Purnima is also known as Krushi Purnima in other parts of India. The A P government has decided to organize ‘Eruvaka Pournami’, which mark the beginning of farming season, in a big way on June 20.
Touching on the aspect of Telugu pride, he said that the Eruvaka Punnami festival is not just another event, but a symbol of our civilization and culture. Just like Baahubali, a film made by us (Telugu people), is a huge success and children from SC and ST backgrounds scaling Everest, and promised that Polavaram will be completed within its deadline.