Editorial: Recycling of Plastic Bottles into Yarn and Fabric

Thanks to the textile industry ecosystem in Tamil Nadu. In this report it is described how the Plastic bottles that are a non degradable waste which is one of the reasons for global warming can be converted into a useful product that is fiber and than it can be further used for making yarn and into fabric.
The use of recycled fibre is becoming popular, and some of the popular items made from this fibre are lungis, bedsheets, towels, mattresses, cushions, quilts and kitchen linen.
At the recycling plant PET bottles are turned into polyester fibre which is used to make mattresses, cushions, quilts and non-woven fabrics. This polyester fibre is also mixed with fibre of hosiery waste and spun into yarn.
The power looms across the country turn this yarn into a wide range of textiles and other item. It is a thriving industry with a growing demand. This industry gained momentum from the 2006. It helps to recycle scrap into garments that are environment-friendly and easy on the pocket. Western countries adopt Global Recycle Standards and garments made out of 100% recycled fibre are sold as sustainable products. We hopes the environment-friendly recycled fibre will be encouraged by the Indian government with concessions.