Trump Promotes His Muslim Ban Travel Ban After London Terror attack

US President Donald’s latest executive order bans entry to the U.S. by people from six majority-Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This is currently lifted and Trump administration is fighting legally to restore it.
US President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation in London and what’s happening in London. Fox reporter Kristin Fisher reported, “He’s posted two tweets since this incident took place.Trump using what just happened in London to push for his travel ban which has been stuck in the courts for weeks, if not months now.”
“And then remember, just two days ago, several Trump administration officials actually asked the Supreme Court to save it, to revive it,” Fisher continued. “President Trump really pushing that on Twitter right now and hoping that perhaps this incident will be able to sway some minds.” Recently Fox tried to use the recent terror attack in Manchester, to promote Trump’s Muslim ban.