Doklam Entanglement Resolved Peacefully

After 73 days of stalemate the Doklam entanglement or Doklam standoff  has been resolved peacefully by India and China through bilateral diplomatic channels.  Indian troops moved to this flash point, at the request of Bhutanese Government to assist their army to stop the construction of road by the Public Liberation Army of China. In few days to come there is  a scheduled summit of BRIC countries and China is hosting this convention, so to facilitate the participation of PM of India, the diplomatic channels arranged this conclusion on the Doklam dispute.
As per the information, the diplomatic understanding between the two countries is that from China side, they stop the road construction and remove the bulldozers and India shall start withdrawing the troops and ultimately both armies vacate the area. This is a wise choice made by both the leaders of India and Chins and they shown their maturity in ending the standoff and inclined to work toward peace full co-existence and development.
The China India border standoff or Doklam standoff refers to the military border standoff between the Indian armed forces and the People’s Liberation Army of China over construction of a road in Doklam, known as Donglang, or Donglang Caochang (meaning Donglang pasture or grazing field), in Chinese. On 16 June 2017 Chinese troops with construction vehicles and road-building equipment began extending an existing road southward in Doklam, a territory which is claimed by both China as well as India’s ally Bhutan. On 18 June 2017, around 270 Indian troops, with weapons and two bulldozers, entered Doklam to stop the Chinese troops from constructing the road. On the 28th of August Indian media sources claimed that the dispute has been resolved with both sides withdrawing their military forces.