Doctor Rajasekhar is back: PSV GarudaVega 126.18

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Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Nasser, Adith, Ravi Varma, Charan and others
Director: Praveen Sattaru
Hyderabad: Star actor Rajeshekhar is back with ‘PSV GarudaVega’. The movie stars Pooja Kumar and Shraddha Das in the leading roles and directed by Praveen Sattaru. The film was released on November 3 and doing well at the box office. Film critics are also praising the film which was made with a budget of Rs. 30 crores.
While having a candid conversation, Rajashekar said that he was supposed to act in Shankar’s Gentleman, but could not because of dates. He was doing Allari Boyfriend. He said that he missed so many opportunities like that. The highlights of the movie are its cinematography and stunning visuals.
Overall, PSV Garudavega is an extraordinary film in Tollywood, with high production values.