Demonetization A Huge Scam: Rahul Gandhi

Addressing the media, day after the Reserve Bank of India announced that over 99 percent of the demonetized currency had made its way back into the banks, Congress President Rahul Gandhi hit out hard and bold against Modi. He said “Narendra Modi’s intention behind the announcement of big banknotes is quite clear. Every Indian need to understand it. It was intended to help the 15-20 richest people in this country, the most corrupt. It is a program to conquer small and medium-sized merchants. This is a way to open the way for big companies like Amazon.”
The Reserve Bank of India announced on Wednesday, August 30, that 99.3% of the bank’s deposits were withdrawn in bank accounts. The net worth of banknotes stood at Rs 15.41 lakh crore, while the bank’s net worth was Rs 15.31 lakh crore, the Reserve Bank said. Rahul Gandhi spoke at a press conference on Thursday in the Congress headquarters.
Rahul alleged that the Prime Minister assured the people of the country that black money would be dissolved by canceling big banknotes, fake currency collapses and a backlash to terrorism. Now the results of the cancellation of the big banknotes were exposed. All cash is withdrawn. Two percent of GDP and even millions of jobs have been lost, but there is no result of the cancellation of large banknotes. Prime Minister Modi has to the answer to the people of this country, especially the youth. What is the rationality behind this?