Delhi Smog: Schools Shut Down For A Week

NEW DELHI: According to the latest information received, the air quality index of the National Capital has gone down severely by 451 on a scale of 500. The reading measures the concentration of particulate matter in the air. With people reporting symptoms of irritation in nose and throat, the state government has officially declared holidays for the Schools while asking the residents to not come out during the morning hours for the next three days.
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia agreed that Delhi is now looking like a gas chamber and requested the residents to not step out of their homes. “This is the scenario in Delhi, especially during this time of a year. The situation is a severe crisis. I request the residents to not come out for outdoor activities”.
On the other hand, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal blamed the Central government for failing to tackle the issue despite knowing the reasons behind the pollution in Delhi. “We have complained them of the burning of fields in Haryana and Punjab. But, there has not been any step in that direction from the Central government”, Arvind said. The Chief Minister has also requested for the appointment of Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan, who is currently on a visit to Germany to attend a Climate change summit.
The PM2.5 reading for RK Puram area of Delhi stood at 999, the peak point on the real-time air quality index scale. Environmental activities blamed the state government for not effectively implementing the Supreme Court’s ban of crackers on Diwali, which according to them has increased the air pollution.
Delhi faces this situation almost every day of a year. But, the situation gets worse during the winters due to the least movement of Winds and inadequate sunlight during the morning hours. If this trend continues, scientists are of the view that Delhi may soon be declared as a place unfit to live.