D Srinivas All Set To Rejoin Congress

Nizamabad: Rajya Sabha member D. Srinivas met with senior leaders and followers of the district today. He said, ‘I will not resign. Please suspend me. The Congress party president Rahul Gandhi is likely to meet DS and the green signal was also given to him. It is reported that the Ex-MLA will join the TRS Congress along with the MLA Bhupathi Reddy in the presence of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul.
There is no truth in the news:
DS said there was no truth in the news that the party was changing. The media does not have to say everything, and the decision he takes is his personal. All the news coming on party change has been dismissed as speculation. He wanted to answer from the TRS high command and said yesterday. The TRS is to give clarity to every question that he has taken. Some respondents commented on the comments made by TRS leaders.
The MPs, along with MP Kavitha, have complained to the TRS chief KCR for disciplinary action against the DS. On Tuesday he responded that the moves hurt him politically with unreasonable accusations and expressed his disappointment that his family was hurled to the road. He was forced to put the pressure on the authority and put his son Sanjay in a case. His second son Dharmapuri Arvind said that joining the BJP was his own decision.