Curious case of TDP MLA Jaleel Khan

Of late, Vijayawada West TDP MLA, Jaleel Khan has been in the news for his ‘interview gone wrong’ with his physics comment. The internet world and media made a merry out of this episode. This topic started to raise lot of interest in him among netizens.
We collected some facts by speaking to the people of his constituency and others political analysts in Vijayawada.  Jaleel Khan is a two time MLA and was denied seat once by Congress, by then MP, Lagadapati Rajagopal in 2004 and 2009. He went on to fight the election as an independent candidate and lost the election to a novice PRP MLA.  He was directly responsible for the defeat of Congress candidate who was supported by then MP. Eventually, Congress lost its face aftermath bifurcation and Jaleel Khan had his last laugh.
Mr. Khan is a senior political leader who climbed the ladder by working through grass roots. He started his career in  Congress and later moved to TDP for a brief time and joined Jagan wagaon, YSRCP. He worked hard to strengthen YSRCP cadre during its early phases and established the party in Vijayawada.
Khan has recently switched back to TDP along with five other MLAs, citing development in his constituency was possible through TDP only.  He is a household name in Vijayawada. He has been a close aid to late Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy and many other national level congress leaders. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu also has great respect and admire him for his leadership qualities.
After switching to TDP, he took many development activities in his constituency, said some respondents in Winchipeta, a muslim dominant area. He is responsible for development of age-old Musafir Khana which has historic significance, improvement of sewer systems, roads etc to name some. He is also responsible for development of Hajj house in Vijayawada which is under consideration. He has many plans for the development of the constituency in the next 2 years.
With the current situation, it will be very interesting to see how Mr. Khan will raise from the bottom of the BCom physics debacle.