CM instructs officials to ideate for tourist attractions- ‘Ananda Lahiri’ to make weekends better in AP from the first week of September. The Chief Minister approved a proposal submitted by the Department of Culture, to set up a culture centre or ‘Kala Bhavan’ in  Satyanarayana Puram Vijayawada. The plot of land has been identified, and the project will cost ₹10 crore. Officials also proposed the ‘Ananda Lahiri’ plan, a weekly event conducted in all 110 municipalities and corporations of the state. For 4 hours every week, authorities will organise talent shows for professionals, amateurs and students to exhibit and nurture different talents. The Chief Minister readily approved, saying that this will be a successful community building exercise and induce overall
The Chief Minister readily approved, saying that this will be a successful community building exercise and induce overall moral development of citizens. “Talent will not just be encouraged as hobbies, but the events will help create a platform for building soft power for Andhra Pradesh”, he said.  These events will open dialogue to address social evils like dowry, child marriage, gender inequality, drugs, alcohol and caste, as these are the themes assigned for professional artist performances. The Chief Minister also encouraged the officials to include more activities like sports, artisans and handicraft stalls, classical arts and theatre.
Food Festival  Officials presented the idea of a Food Festival, and have narrowed down to a list of 30 dishes to be promoted. The event will be launched at the Secretariat, inviting the Council of Ministers, Secretaries, Advisors and senior staff. They will also release a
booklet, which has been prepared after thorough research of food varieties in the state.
The Food Festival will be held in the next month and is being planned as a large-scale tourist attraction.
The Chief Minister said, “First, appoint a Director and conduct thorough research on how we can market the food varieties in
our state.”
“Make a yearly calendar, marking the important tourism festivals, religious events, conventions and other tourism-related events.”
He asked them to ideate further to include creative activities like adventure sports near the Bhavani Islands, shopping complexes,
amusement parks, sports activities, streets for handicrafts, Rose Garden etc.
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