Crop damage survey through satellite technology

The locally situated Agricultural University is working with the International Rice Research Institute, Philippines on this technology transfer and the two Telugu stetes will the first one in India to use satellite technology to asses crop damages. The laborious and long-drawn traditional methods of manual assessment will be dispensed with.
When there is heavy damage to crops, the Centre sends a team of personnel from the Agriculture, Statistics and Planning departments to estimate the losses and the prepare reports it take approximately three to nine months to prepare.
By using the satellite-based technology, actual -time collection and assessment of crop loss data could be done in a much shorter period, capacitate the government to quickly take action give compensation to farmers.
Live images transmitted by a satellite would be utilized to assess the area covered by a particular crop for an precise estimate of the cultivated area and track the various stages of cropping up to harvest.
Talks are under progress with A P Government for allotment of at least 500 acres to the university, which is being constructed at Lam.