Corona Virus New Guidelines are released, masks in offices, 50% occupancy limit



  • Only those people who do not have signs of coronavirus are allowed to come to the office
  • Arrangement should be made to sanitize the hands at the entrance to the religious site, thermal screening of all devotees is necessary.
  • Home delivery is encouraged in the restaurant, leave the packet at the door of the delivery house, do not handover

The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has released a guideline on the functioning on Thursday. It states that pregnant women, people above 65 years of age and people who already have serious illnesses should avoid going to work. Social distancing, cleaning, sanitization at work place is also said in the guidelines. It states that spitting in offices should be banned completely.

Guidelines for offices

  1. It is necessary to have a sanitizer dispenser at the entry gate of the offices. Thermal screening should also be done here.
  2. Only those people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus should be allowed to come to the office.
  3. Staff living in the Containment Zone will have to inform their supervisor. He should not be allowed to come to the office until the containment zone has been denotified.
  4. Drivers must follow the rules issued regarding social distancing and corona. Office officials, transport service providers will make sure that the drivers living in the container zone do not drive.
  5. Inside the car, its doors, steering, keys must be completely disinfected. This should be taken care of.
  6. Pregnant women, aged employees, workers already facing diseases, take extra care. They should not be given such work in which people have direct contact. If possible, the management of offices should facilitate such people from work from home.
  7. Only those people who wear face masks should be allowed to come into offices. It is necessary to wear a face mask the whole time even within the office.
  8. The common entry of visitors to the office can be canceled at Temporary Pass. The visitor should be allowed to come only after getting this information with authorized approval and after meeting with which officer. It should be fully screened.
  9. The meetings should be conducted as far as possible through video conferencing.

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