Conspiracy against Advani in Supreme court order

The Supreme Court ordered that the key conspirators in Babri Masjid demolication case, BJP leaders LK Advani, MM Joshi and Uma Bharati should tried in a Lucknow court in a criminal conspiracy case. In this context, RJD leader, Lalu Prasad alleged that the trial of BJP’s leaders was a “well-thought-out politics” of the Narendra Modi government. It conspired to remove Advani’s name from the race of upcoming presidential election.
“The CBI is under the hands of PM Narendra Modi. The CBI itself went to the apex court and categorically said that there should be conspiracy case against Advani and others in the Masjid demolition case. When the Union government itself was saying that there should be a conspiracy case against Advani and others, then the court had no other option,” Lalu said