CM Naidu Speaks Of Conservation Of Nature in Vizaq

Andhra Chief Minister,  Chandrababu Naidu participated in the Regional Conference on Environment by National Green Tribunal at Visakhapatnam. Mr. Naidu said that he had concerns about the need for conservation of nature.  While speaking to the delegates, he said that TDP government has taken various environment-friendly initiatives pertaining to solar power, renewable energy, organic agriculture, cleanliness drives etc which are constantly being undertaken in the state as means to sustainable development.
While participating in the Eco-Regionl Conference held, he said that the process of worshiping nature has come into operation and have created Andhra as the best destination in the world. He said that in Andhra, so far 5 lakh people have come forward in organic farming. Reduced fertilizers and pesticide consumption could save the Earth’s surface and 10 plants would be set up to generate waste from waste. 
Mr. Naidu proclaimed that saving energy by 50% with solar power, and Andhra is planning to plant a part of the venue-we are going to be part of the program. 
On September 15th, October 2, the Swayamsevar Andhra program is going to go ahead with the aim of achieving 100 percent ODF by October 2, 2018, as well as the need to maintain the nature of each other.
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