Now Chiranjeevi to Intervene For Sukumar

Sukumar is putting in a lot of efforts to promote his latest movie Darsakudu, produced under his home production. Earlier, big celebrities like Allu Arjun, Ram Charan became a part of a lot of promotional events organized for promoting Darsakudu.
Now superstar Chiranjeevi is coming forward to help Sukumar for his new movie Darsakudu, which is nearing its release on Friday. Chiranjeevi is going to purchase the first ticket of this movie and the event is taking place on Wednesday morning at Chiranjeevi’s residence.
Sukumar is introducing Ashok Bandreddi, his nephew as the main lead with Darsakudu. There is a lot of competition for Sukumar’s film as the release date of his movie is clashing with the movie Nakshatram directed by Krishna Vamsi.
Sukumar is trying his best to promote his movie in public to make sure he gets good response and collections for his movie. With the clash and tough competition let us see how Darsakudu performs at box office.
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