Chiranjeevi Is Missing!

After the Union budget, Andhra Pradesh State MPs have raised concerns over the unfairness of Andhra Pradesh. Both the TDP and YSR Congress Party MPs in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha raised their voice on injustice.
Commenting on the same issue, famous film critic  Mahesh Katti tweeted regarding the Congress MP  and  Megastar Chiranjeevi absence.  He tweeted that  “MP  Konidela Chiranjeevi is Missing”. TDP and YSRCP MPs of the AP staged protests and raised slogans in the wake of the present budget meetings. However, MP Chiranjeevi did not attend the session of Parliament. So the Katti Mahesh sarcastically tweeted that “MP Kodaina Chiranjeevi is missing of invisible”.  The term of Chiranjeevi MP is expected to end on April 1, 2018.
The Congress MP and former Union Minister Chiranjeevi did not appear to be attracted by the attention of many MPs in the two Houses of Parliament. The absence of Chiranjeevi raised many questions about his whereabouts during these protests. So the film critic Katti Mahesh responded in Twitter.
Mega fans came strong on Mahesh and  criticized him for his comment. At the same time, Netizens are also in favor of him.