Centre’s assistance a must to complete Polavaram: Chief Minister A.P

The climatic situation prevailing in the State has been weirdand good advance planning by the present Government has helped in conservation of water during these extreme weather conditions. The water harvesting programmes taken up with missionary zeal in dry Rayalaseema region has given good results and many tanks are filled with water and this can be used for agriculture and drinking purpose otherwise this water would have gone waste.
Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu informed the mediathat the Polavaram project will be completed as per schedule by 2019 if the Centre extends assistance.
Further , he said construction work of several irrigation projects is briskly in progress and the state government spent Rs. 56000 crore on them. The area under irrigation will increase  by 2 crore acres when all the 57 pending projects are completed.
The Agriculture is the main natural resource for AP and the central government help is very essential for development of the state. Considering the present political scenario the assistance from canter is very unlikely.
Work Polavaram Project hampered :
The continuous rain is impeding the progress of excavation and concrete work at the Polavaram dam site, this observation has been made by Chief Minister in his weekly virtual (drones and CC cameras) review held from his office in the secretariat here on Monday.