Central government willing to extend the last date for Aadhaar linking until March 31

NEW DELHI: In a submission to the Supreme Court of India, the Central government has made it clear that it is willing to extend the deadline for mandatory linking of Aadhaar to various welfare schemes till March 31, 2018.
The decision of the government comes at a time when a petitioner urged the Supreme Court to hear the Aadhaar case at an earlier date, as the last date for the mandatory linking of Aadhaar is approaching. As per the Central government’s guideline, citizens have to link their Aadhaar numbers with bank accounts, PAN and other welfare schemes for which they are beneficiaries.
Attorney general Venugopal informed the Supreme Court that the government is willing to extend the last date by March 31 but it cannot do so in the case of mandatory linking of Aadhaar with mobile numbers, as the date was fixed by the apex court itself. As of now, the last date for the linking of Aadhaar with mobile numbers is February 6, 2018.
All the eyes are now on the Aadhaar case, which will be heard by the Constitutional bench of the Supreme Court next week. According to the petitioners’ arguments, the Central government is violating the right to privacy and the right to freedom by making Aadhaar linking mandatory. Some of them are worried that if the current trend continues, there comes a day when the entire personal history of an individual can be traced down by just entering the Aadhaar number!
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