Can Mr. Naidu Make Polavaram Project Happen By 2018?

Polavaram is a multi-purpose irrigation project which has power generation potential of close to 1000 MW in the command area of around 3 lakh hectares. Every year the Godavari water measuring 3000 tmcft, otherwise is drained unutilized into the Bay of Bengal. This project has been a 40-year dream for the successive chief Ministers of A. P.
Mr. ChandraBabu Naidu lobbied very hard with the Union Government to make Polavaram a National project and expedited required permissions and clearances. He was successful in evacuating the seven Mandals of Polavaram dam site, which is an achievement for him as his predecessors miserably failed.
This earth dam is first of its kind in India, construction of which involves concrete diaphragm up to 40 to 300 feet below the river bed to secure the river bed stability for withstanding the water pressure across it.
The political critics of Mr. Naidu have visited dam site and said that the project cannot be completed within the given time frame declared.
Reacting sharply to the remarks of former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar and former minister Daggubati Venkateswararao Rao, the ruling party Minister Devineni Ummaheswar Rao informed that the work on the project is going on very fast and these critics did not see the progress made particularly the work pertaining to diaphragm, involving large scale excavation of rock, which is an engineering marvel in itself.
Mr. Naidu Government is putting its best effort to complete the project within 2 years and claim credit for it and make it as its election plank for next term and it may succeed considering the serious efforts being made.
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